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World Options - International courier provider.

Key features of a World Options Franchise:


  • Huge earnings potential.
  • Real residual income, customers buy multiple times.
  • Dedicated ongoing support and training through a team committed to excellence.
  • Unique online solutions.
  • Multiple carrier options offering customers superior savings and all invoiced from one company.
  • No stock, no warehousing, no vehicles.
  • World Options is a franchise business you can comfortably operate from home, requiring little more than a computer, a desk, a chair and telephone.

The World Options Franchise Opportunity


At World Options, our concept is simple. Using our World class software, we offer in one solution a range of carriers to suit every business need, saving time, trouble and money on all parcel and courier requirements. We know that one carrier does not always fit every business user, this is why we offer multiple, cost saving, individual choices to all business users, through our Franchise network. We will give you the tools that allow you to offer a wide range of freight and courier options to companies with shipping needs whether UK or International and via Road, Rail, Sea, or Air.

We also go much further than just saving our customer’s time and money, we have a dedicated team, committed to excellence in customer service and highly experienced in the parcel, courier express market. When combined with our franchise expertise, we are able to offer unparalleled support to our franchisees.

Why a World Options Franchise?


  • Value for money – Low entry cost.
  • Huge earnings potential.
  • Dedicated on going training and support.
  • Non – exclusive franchise – choose where you work.
  • Unique software solutions – offering customers multiple choice carriers
  • Minimum overheads – no vans, trucks, stock or warehousing.
  • Work comfortably from home.

Why the Franchise Model Works?


  • 91% of people in franchising run a profitable business.
  • 4 in 5 franchisees (86%) believe they have a competitive advantage over other businesses as a result of running a franchise.
  • A proven business concept, ready to begin immediately.
  • Franchising in the UK contributes £13.4 billion to the economy.
  • Franchise businesses in the UK currently employ over 594,000 compared to 521,000 last year, (a rise of 14%) in a time of recession, this represents maturity and growth within the Franchise sector.

Unique Software Solutions

1. Our Portal connects with the World’s leading carriers in a way than no other operational system does. All the information, latest offers and comparative rates at your fingertips, literally within a matter of seconds.

2. The portal has a quote comparison between all carriers. This is unique and a very powerful tool in customers’ hands, and has the ability to assist in making options visibly easier and quicker.


3. A central CRM (Customer Relationship Management – a database of all leads, prospects and customers, and much more) that allows you to focus your time on important prospects giving you the tools to convert these prospects to customers, making you money month after month.


4. A real time customer service offering that keeps you informed of the latest updates and keeps your customers happy and wanting to do business with you.


5. Moment by moment access to customer reports allowing you to see turnover and your margin made from your customers. You can monitor and manage the growth, development and progress of your customer by having their activity available to you, instantly.


6. We provide franchisees with the tools to demonstrate to prospective customers, not only the exceptional service and multiple choices, but be able to demonstrate value added services and real cost savings. This allows you as the franchise owner to be in the driving seat for your own business with all the tools you need.




Exclusive Affordable Financing Package


We’re looking for entrepreneurial individuals who are highly motivated, willing to work hard, and committed to following a proven business formula.

World Options Franchise - Benefit from teh World Options exclusive package deal. Start selling International parcel software today.

At World Options it’s not just about the franchise fee, we have a finance package available which can remove obstacles for hard working and motivated individuals. Feel free to discuss your personal financial circumstances in the strictest confidence, we are always willing to listen and assist the right franchise candidates.


Warren Ferguson – World Options Franchise Director


  • What is a non-exclusive franchise?

    A non-exclusive franchise allows you to offer World Options products and services, literally anywhere in the UK. No territorial or geographical restrictions regardless of where you are. Clearly defined rules of engagement means the possibility of duplicating prospects is extremely limited.


    The benefits of a non-exclusive franchise system are as follows:

    • Enables a franchisee to capitalise on relationships they may have outside of their own territory.
    • This can benefit the entire network by increasing brand visibility.
    • Allows for highly motivated franchisees to generate additional sales, increase in profits and accelerates the return on investment.
    • Facilitates franchisees collaborating on projects.
    • Can help generate regional accounts with multiple customers or locations that can extend into other territories.



  • A business you can work from home.

    In the initial stages of running your franchise business, there is no need to incur additional costs by renting office space. At World Options our Management Team are all experienced in setting up small to medium businesses and know something of the expenses involved. This is why we have worked hard in setting up a turnkey business which suits your budget. You can run a successful World Options franchise comfortably from home requiring little more than a desk, a chair, a computer and a telephone.


    A few stated advantages to being your own boss and working from home:


    • I can be here for my family and manage my time so when we’re together its quality time.
    • I am more productive.
    • It’s easier to plan my day.
    • I don’t have to commute.
    • I find my home-based work environment significantly less stressful than any of the corporate jobs I’ve had in my life.
    • I can schedule downtime, days off and holidays when it’s convenient for me.
    • I eat healthier (and save money at the same time).
    • I am in complete control of my own income.
    • No office politics (well, for the most part).
    • I get to do what I love to do every single day.
    • There are tax advantages because I can deduct some of my home’s operating expenses as business expenses.
    • I’m fulfilling every dream I’ve ever had in terms of work success and being my own boss.



  • How much can I earn?

    The answer to this question depends very much on you as an individual, your drive, commitment and work ethic. Part-time, casual effort will more often than not produce part-time, casual results. Your World Options franchise becomes your business and is therefore deserving of your time, talent and energy in order to develop and grow.


    We have a proven business concept that has been piloted and tested over several years, which will enable us to demonstrate to you that the potential to make an exceptional income is available if you work the plan and follow the training programme.


    We have franchisees whose monthly profit margin exceeds the cost of the franchise fee. You could do better or worse, again this is very much down to how you approach the idea of managing your own franchise business.


    A World Options franchise allows you to build real residual income.

    At World Options we are able to demonstrate that hard work really does pay and with a real residual income business, you benefit financially the first time and every time your customer uses World Options products and services.


    Some of the advantages of a World Options residual income stream are:

    With their own unique account number, provided by you and fully visible to you as a franchisee, your customers have the ability to book their own collections without you actually being present. Even when you are not there, you are still making money.


    Although making money may not be the primary focus of your life, real residual income allows you to make financial choices, do other important things with your time and focus on things which matter most to you. You can even plan that much needed family holiday and still have income coming in.


    A residual income with World Options is not dependent on where you live. In fact with a Non-Exclusive World Options franchise it does not matter where you live, your customers will still book through our online system and you will still make money. This alone gives you a huge amount of independence. You can live wherever you like and still make money as long as your customers continue to use World Options products and services.



  • How much does a World Options franchise cost?

    The World Options franchise fee and start-up costs are exceptionally low considering the size and stature of the logistics industry in the UK. In fact, a typical World Options franchise can be fully operational for as little as £29,995.


    One reason the cost is so low is that a World Options franchise is a very simple operation. We leverage off our World Class carrier partners, which means we have no trucks, no vans, no planes, no warehousing and no stock of our own. So franchisees do not have to invest large sums in expensive facilities to support their business. Also, the business brand is streamlined so that money is not wasted on non-recoverable assets.


    The total initial investment will depend on factors including personal living costs. The franchise agreement is for 15 years and renewable every 5 years (subject to terms and conditions).


    The Management Fee is twenty per cent (20%) plus VAT at the prevailing rate of Gross Profit Margin not turnover. In order for us to be profitable we must help you be profitable. This to be calculated on the basis of the given months performance.


    In recognition of effort, if in any given month the franchisee’s Gross Margin exceeds £10,000, World Options will reduce the Management Fee to eighteen and one half per cent (18.5%) on all products and services for that month, and in addition, should the franchisee’s Gross Margin exceed £20,000 in any month World Options will reduce the Management Fee to sixteen and one half per cent (16.5%) on all products and services for that month. The Management Fee covers the general costs associated with running the franchise network and centrally managing client invoicing and payments.


  • What kind of support can I expect?

    At World Options we are not looking for just “another’ franchisee, but business partners, who can assist us in developing and maintaining a strong, healthy, profitable business. This comes not only through hard work, but also a spirit of cooperation and working together in the sharing of ideas and best practices. Our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) philosophy is a principle we adhere to, and incorporate into our code of ethics.


    We recognise, particularly in the initial stages, you will need plenty of training and support. We pride ourselves in a support centre where members of staff are committed to excellence in customer service and have years of expertise in both the industry and franchising to assist you as often as necessary.


    We want to help you establish and grow your business successfully. We have a fully centralised system, which means we invoice your customers and collect payments on your behalf so you can focus on the all important responsibility of selling your products and services and building relationships with your customers.


    One of the biggest practical differences between a simple distribution scheme and a fully-fledged business format franchise is the extent of the initial and continuing support services offered by franchisors to franchisees.



World Options Directors

Ulrik Topp


Dirk has been active in the logistics industry since 2000. After having worked in Operational and Marketing roles he has also done a number of research projects for some of the major industry carriers. His experience and in-depth knowledge of this industry together with the affinity working with SME's lead him to take the World Options business towards the international development.


Dirk is a Dutch national and will be working close with the Franchisee to support them in their understand of the World Options solutions and driving the overall performance and support of the network.

Dirk Kruisinga


Dirk has a wealth of experience in the logistics industry and brings with him an in-depth knowledge of courier systems and the CEP Market and the needs for SME's to have their own solutions.


In the past Dirk has worked for UPS and also as a consultant. Dirk is a Dutch national and will be working closely with  franchisees to support them in their understanding of the World Options solutions.

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